Links - Software & APPs

Whether you are a teacher or a student, new media, such as software and apps (applications), are useful tools to enhance learning processes. If you are a teacher, you might want to include online exercises in your lesson - be it to loosen up a long class or to conclude a sequence. If you are a student, you might want to have contents available on your smart device to use it on the go. Whatever the case, below you can find a selection of useful (free) software and apps. Bring fun into your learning processes.

Online Software (+smartphone app)

Quizlet (Smartphone App; vocabulary; all levels) 

Learn English Free (Website; tons of material)

British Council Free Learner's Site (Website; Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, etc.)

BBC Learning (English learning resources and online courses)

Babbel (Learn English Online)

Speak English Online (Speaking English Lessons)

LearningApps (various online exercises)

Kahoot (learning through competition)

Card2Brain (learning cards)


Smartphone Apps

LearnEnglish Elementary (iPhone app; listening exercises; easy)

Cambridge Grammar in Use (for iPhone & iPad; grammar exercises; easy/medium)

Cambridge Advanced Grammar In Use (for iPhone & iPad; grammar exercises; advanced)

Learn British English Vocabulary (iPhone app; vocabulary training; all levels)

60 Second Word Challenge (iPhone app; vocabulary game; easy)

My Word Book (iPhone app; vocabulary list; all levels)

Big City (iPhone app; audio soap; easy)

SayHi Translate (translation app for any smart device; GooglePlay)